Jul 25 2009

What is vshost.exe and vshost.exe.config?

Category: .Net | VS2008 ashish sheth @ 12:20

When we compile a windows application(forms or sevice) in VS 2005 or VS 2008 then we see that there is a *.vshost.exe and *.vshost.exe.config file generated in the bin folder. And we wonder what are these files and why are they generated. Here (http://blogs.msdn.com/dtemp/archive/2004/08/17/215764.aspx) is the anser. In short they are there to provide support for improved F5 performance, partial trust debugging, and design time expression evaluation. These files are there just for developent environment. It sould not be deployed to production environment.

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Jul 4 2009


Category: Hobby ashish sheth @ 04:38

Just now I saw this website on Orgigami and I am a big fan of it. I reminded me of my school days where we used to created boat, airplane. At that time we didn't know that it is called origami. But it seems we can create almost anything just by using one paper. I have made my first Yatch just from one paper. I will try to do more Origami.


Jul 1 2009

A Little time at RTO office

Category: India ashish sheth @ 01:23

Just now I came from RTO where I went to take a written test to get a learner's license. And I spent there four hours without taking the test. Now you imagine. Not everybody spent four hours to get their driving license. So on average, I think people might be spending two hours. Based on the rush I can say there were more than 500 hundred people for various reason. I did little calculation on how much productivity we are loosing just at various RTOs in India.

500 people spent average 2 hours per day: 500 * 2 = 1000 Man-Hours
5 Working days per RTO: 2000 * 5 = 5000 Man-Hours
52 weeks: 10000 * 52 = 260000 Man-Hours
There are 1019 RTOs in India: 1019 * 260000 = 26,49,40,000 Man-Hours.

Now, not all the RTOs are as busy as the one where I went ( I went Indiranagar RTO in Bangalore). But there might me many RTOs which are more busy then this one like in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. So I think that 500 people visiting RTO everyday on average is a reasonable guess. Now just guess all this people earn atleast Rs. 100 per day. Meaning Rs 12.50 Per hour.

26,49,40,000 * 12.5 = Rs. 3,31,17,50,000/-.

That is more than 3 billion or 331 crore Rupees. This is the amout of money India looses every year just at RTOs. There are many other government offices in India where people spend considerable amount of time daily getting one or other things done. Just imagine.

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