Web Hosting

Well, in setting up this blog I did a considerable search on how to setup a blog. So thought I would write something about it here.

First things first. You need to have a domain name and a hosting provider. Both can be the same company or different companies.

The advantage of having the same company as your domain name provider and hosting provider is, it is easy to setup your site then if they are from different companies. The disadvantage is that if the company goes down or suddenly disappears you loose both your domain name and hosting space. You also need to take care of your renewals because if some company can became a nightmare for you if you don't renew in time then they may block both your hosting space and domain name. And domain name is actually your brand and you don't want to loose it. So be careful.

The above disadvantage is not there if you have domain name from one company and hosting space from another company. But in this case, once your hosting account is setup, you need to change name servers from your domain name account. So managing domain name account and hosting account may become cumbersome.

I hope this helps anybody who wants basic information on hosting their sites.

My First Blog Entry!

Well, so I have setup my blog and this is my first entry. Earlier I used to blog at http://dotnetcapsule.blogspot.com/. From now onwards I will post on this site but I will keep that blog alive. Welcome to my new blog!!