Mental Models

Decision making is one of the most difficult task one face in the life. And almost every day we have to make one or other decisions, some simple, some complex. 
Many problems in world, there are few ready made templated solutions that we can apply to solve these problems. For example, In software development, we have Design Patterns, which is a "reusable solution to a commonly ocurring problem within a given context in software design" . 
Mental models are similar concepts when it comes to decision makings. Actually it is more than that. You can apply mental models not just in decision making, but every aspect in life, to understand the world, to reason about how and why certain events happen the way they happened. 
Mental models are general thinking principles which can help to think in a structured manner. By stream lining out thoughts while making decisions, we are less prone to miss those information, that would help us in better decision making. Same way, we can make better use of the available information by applying the mental models.
You can learn more about mental models and few great mental models from the book Great Mental Model - Volume 1 and Great Mental Model - Volume 2 by Shane Parrish.


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