Required courses for Software Developer

These are the courses that I have recommended to my team members. I think these courses are minimum that you should go through to become a complete software developer.

Due to current corona virus crisis if somebody is looking for courses to know about programming and to become a software developer, then they can certainly look for these courses.

However, this list is not complete. I will continue to add new courses which will greatly enhance the skill of a software developer. Let me know if something is missing here.


Mathematics For Computer Science:
Fundamentals of Computing:
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming using Python:
Data structure and Algorithms:

Web Application Development

Web Applications(PHP):
Web Design(HTML5, CSS3):
Progressive Web Apps:

Software Engineering

Software Development Lifecycle:
Software Design and Architecure:
Secure Software Design:
Open source Software development:


Learning How to Learn:
Conversatinal Design:
Requirements Engineering:

In addition to this, there are very good podcast I have list here that every software engineer should listen to.

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